Our Vestigo Experience with CNN Digital

CNN was the first news station to believe that the American people would benefit from a 24 hr continuous news access. Many thought the idea was audacious and would likely fail. CNN proved the naysayers wrong and 38 years later has led America with incredible 24 hour news through some of the biggest events in our history like the Gulf War and 9/11. 

With rapid technological advancements, CNN seeks to create a mindset of adaptability, innovation, nimble-thinking, and ultimately, determining the future before the future occurs to generate the next refreshing idea to provide the highest value to the American people. CNN isn’t going to be just a media company in the future. It will establish the future of the technology and media interface for the next 100 years.

We led CNN through an experience of sharing fears, shedding light on the origin of fear, how to iterate, test, reiterate, test, and produce. The 20 directors that showed up on a gloomy February day left with an audacious gusto for inspiring each of their teams to action and leading them to rapidly test and derive solutions for the constantly changing digital landscape.

This program included:

Rohit Agarwal, Vice President of Product

Krishna Nair, Director of Business & Product Strategy

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