Our Vestigo Experience with Groundfloor

With a revolutionary concept to bring individual investors to the real estate market, Groundfloor created a way to invest even if you were a non-accredited investor. Naturally, such an innovative approach requires nimble, adaptable team members. In an effort to solidify the connections amongst the management team, Brian Dally, their visionary CEO shared his vision for the future of the company with Vestigo allowing us to craft an experience to help achieve their organizational goals. Rappelling was focused on building trust and connecting the team with several moments of reflection during the debrief.

This program included:


Here is what Groundfloor management had to say they were inspired toward after the experience:
"Get out of a rut and back to the child like enthusiasm of things"
"To trust people and take chances"
"Knowing my role and reaching out when help is needed"

And here is what management said was impactful from the program:
"It was inspiring watching one of my colleagues following through and doing the repel. He was very nervous, but we as a team encouraged him to pull through."
"Dude, I let go!"

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