Our Vestigo Experience with gusto!

Gusto! is one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta and many share this sentiment so we are thrilled to work with them to engage their team in their mission statement “live life with gusto!”

Our work included a customized program oriented around transcending each person’s perceived limits and to garner a gusto for redefining their perception of possible. Cliff-jumping and paragliding were the chosen conduits for physically practicing these concepts.

This program included:


Outcomes from Participant Post-Experience Survey Results

Seeing others work through their fears and eventually take that leap into the unknown was extremely personal and allowed me to see a more vulnerable side of my co-workers

I was in the air, Dave was telling me to breathe, and when I did I looked up and realized that this world is beautiful along with the humans who lead this company and provide experiences for us.

Helped me understand that I was allowing my fears to limit my potential so having the ability to let go of that fear to let me take on new challenges confidently.

Allie Harrison, Brand Marketing Coordinator

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