Our Vestigo Experience with HLB Gross Collins

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HLB Gross Collins conducts a Summer Leadership Program (SLP) each year as part of their strategy to attract top talent and connect leadership in the firm with potential hires. HLB GC sought a fresh, innovative approach to accomplish these objectives. 

Vestigo partnered with Jenna Strickland, Audit Supervisor and leader of the SLP, to develop a program consisting of rappelling, climbing, and hiking near Roswell complete with lunch at Moxie Burger in Roswell. Good times, relationships, and trust were established as a result of this epic experience. The HLB Gross Collins partners were able to see how recruits interacted with others and how they responded to a significant mental challenge in rappelling thus allowing further evaluation before extending offers to recruits.

This trip included:

Jenna Strickland, Audit Supervisor and Summer Leadership Program Creator & Manager

Anonymous Participant, HLB Gross Collins

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