Our Vestigo Experience with HLB Gross Collins

HLB Gross Collins conducts a Summer Leadership Program (SLP) each year as part of their strategy to attract top talent and connect leadership in the firm with potential hires. For 2018 and 2019, HLB GC sought out Vestigo to develop a fresh, innovative approach to accomplish these objectives. 

In 2018, Vestigo partnered with Jenna Strickland, Audit Supervisor and leader of the SLP, to develop a program consisting of rappelling, climbing, and hiking near Roswell complete with lunch at Moxie Burger in Roswell. Good times, relationships, and trust were established as a result of this epic experience. The HLB Gross Collins partners were able to see how recruits interacted with others and how they responded to a significant mental challenge in rappelling thus allowing further evaluation before extending offers to recruits.

In 2019, we developed a more completed program focused on the invaluable Strengthsfinder test. The morning started with an incredible HLB GC speaker sharing about his strengths and how they've impacted his life, a classroom workshop session focused on each person's individual strengths and how to utilize these strengths within a team. We took to the water in the afternoon after lunch to paddle the Metro Chattahoochee in tandem inflatable kayaks. Each team was tasked with utilizing their strengths to accomplish their best time through the slalom course. By partnering HLB associates with potential interns, each person had a unique chance to develop a relationship and spend time on the two way street of interviewing and hiring.

This program included:


In 2018, HLB Gross Collins offered 4 employment positions to recruits in the program with 3 accepting offers. This 75% success on offers extended is a dramatic increase from past years.

Jenna Strickland, Audit Supervisor and Summer Leadership Program Creator & Manager

Anonymous Participant, HLB Gross Collins

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