Our Vestigo Experience with Springbot

In a world of giant e-commerce companies, Springbot is committed to helping the little guy succeed. Their people are thriving in the culture created by Brooks Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder along with all of the employees who bring a unique contribution to the company.

Springbot created the Champions Club consisting of the top current sales team performers. For the last two years, top salespeople have been rewarded with a yearly excursion to a beautiful location to celebrate their achievement and continue their personal growth.

In year one, Vestigo created an epic experience of rappelling in Chattanooga at Sunset Rock, a popular local gem renowned for climbing and views of the city. While the walk back up after a rappel will have you sweating, it's really the rappel over the drop that gets your blood pumping. It's all a mental game where the Springbot core value of Deliver On Our Promises came into play. Each person held their partner accountable to the rappel while encouraging them to step up to the edge. We wrapped up with cocktails and a discussion focused on another Springbot core value, Celebrate What Makes Us Unique, at the bottom of the rock face.

In year two, Vestigo curated a beautiful hike near Asheville in the Pisgah Wilderness Area to an epic waterfall. Originally, the goal was to mountain bike, but we adapted to the very wet weather to seek out the high flow of the waterfall and save the local trails for another day. Sometimes, it's disappointing to have your plans changed by mother nature, but it's all about enjoying the ride. We took time after the hike to drink local brews and brought back the custom cocktails served by the Vestigo bartenders! This all served for a great moment of reflecting on resiliency and different team members shared how they were inspired by specific examples of resiliency in their team members.

This program included:

Mary Ford, COO

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