EP 100: Chelsea Yamase - Freediver, acrobat, & world traveling creative

Published: 08.04.2020

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So many of us are going down the path that we think we want, only to realize that something is missing. The same was true for Chelsea Yamase (@chelseakauai) who found herself heading into a potential career that wasn’t fulfilling her in the way she had hoped. Through a winding path of architecture, graphic design, journalism, and a myriad of side hustles, she found herself faced with the big question: pursue the unconventional life of your dreams or stick to a “real job”. So, she took the leap.

Today, Chelsea is a sought after freediver, model, photographer, influencer, creative, and movement enthusiast from Hawaii with a focus on mindful living. She’s been featured in Travel and Leisure & Cosmopolitan to name a few, and has worked with numerous brands such as Canon USA, Adidas, Google, Athleta, GoPro, DJI Global, and The National Parks Foundation.... and this is her story.