EP 104: Kieren Britton - Founder of The Lady Alliance

Published: 10.30.2020

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Connect with Kieren and the Lady Alliance on Instagram here and check out their upcoming event on Nov 13th, the Winter Adventure + Safety Workshop Tour with Mammut!

About Kieren and the Lady Alliance: 

After being told too many times that she was "brave for a girl,” Kieren Britton, Founder of The Lady Alliance, had enough. Bravery is in all of us, regardless of your gender, race, or background, and Kieren is determined to bring this to light.

The Lady Alliance started as an online social community where women had the chance to share their stories. Whether it was a photo or adventure article, ladies could submit their adventures and speak through The Lady Alliance.

As the community grew, so did the demand for a chance to meet everyone in person. The Lady Alliance's first all-women meet up was held in September 2017 in Glacier National Park.

This meetup was titled the "First Annual Long Weekend Meet-Up" as there was no original intention of this becoming an adventure traveling community. The meet up reached capacity in only a matter of weeks and was full of inspiring women from all over the globe.

Since that first trip, The Lady Alliance has grown to include other adventures, retreats, and courses. Through the Lady Alliance, she’s empowered thousands of women to embrace adventure through inspiration, action, and awareness. They’ve yoga'd in Bali, surfed in Tofino, learnt avalanche safety, and so much more, including partnering with brands such as the Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) to help extend their reach to empower women of all ages and backgrounds to embrace a new level of courage through an empowered sense of adventure and community.
How to join:

The Lady Alliance is a community of women dedicated to encouraging and empowering other women to be the best versions of themselves. Easy peasy. You can join the community through our Facebook Groups, Instagram, or by purchasing a membership. We want to encourage involvement and you can do this in many ways: local or global events, applying to be a Chapter Coordinator, submitting photos for our Instagram page, or writing posts for our stories, and more!