EP 108: Henry Proegler and Matthew Pearson - Founders of Moonfab

Published: 12.18.2020

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It all started when Matthew purchased a van as he was winding down 5 years spent working in Tech, first at Airbnb and then Robinhood. He wasn’t exactly sure of his plan; if it would be his home, weekend adventure vehicle, or something totally different – but he knew it was the right next step.

After a trip to Joshua Tree he realized he needed an awning and started a search for one that was both rugged and packable. As you’ve likely already guessed, he didn’t find one. 

He started working on a design and called his friend Henry who had made a career of producing things (brands, marketing campaigns, films, etc.) for young companies – a handful of them in the Outdoor Retail & Overland space. From that, Moon Fabrications was born.