EP 109: Will Gadd - World Record Setting Ice Climber, Paraglider, and the World’s First Redbull Athlete

Published: 01.15.2021

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Will Gadd is one of the top outdoor sports athletes of his generation. He has done first ascents on ice and rock globally, kayaked first descents of wild rivers, and flown his paraglider over the Andes, Rockies, and Alps while setting the world distance record twice. He’s also won national and international titles in multiple mountain sports. His writing appears regularly in some of the top publications in the world, and his book on ice climbing has been translated into five languages and is the top seller in its field. He has produced or presented more than 100 television programs ranging from the Discovery Channel to the BBC, and his films have won multiple awards. He is a guide and frequent speaker on risk management to groups ranging from at-risk youth to some of the largest companies in the world. His most recent expeditions have focused on helping scientists do cutting-edge research in remote locations from Greenland to the top of Kilimanjaro, and he recently co-authored a paper on Greenland’s melt cycle. He is most proud of leading his family up his local peaks, and sharing the amazing natural world through his work.