Episode 74: Brent Kline – CEO of Vandoit

Published: 07.10.2018

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Since Brent was a kid, he remembers helping his dad with the family company, Kline Motor, where modifications to Vans and RV’s have always been a part of the family trade. While Kline Van has up-fitted passenger vans for companies for years, Brent started VanDOit to meet the demand of the adventure van lifestyle and movement that’s taken off in the past few years.

As a huge adventure seeker himself, Brent’s passionate that the minds behind the VanDOit movement are driven by a passion for adventure: people who bike, moto, surf, ski, hike, camp, run, fish, hunt, climb… Those who love the thrill of being free on the open road and seek the freedom, adventure, excitement-and the means to do those things. For Brent, the desire to live those passions started from the day he could hold a wrench and work on a car. Listen to the inside story behind Brent’s journey here.