Episode 97: Dane Jackson - 3x World Champion Whitewater Kayaker

Published: 06.02.2020

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Dane Jackson knows whitewater. This freestyle kayaker grew up traveling the USA in an RV with his family, getting homeschooled by his mother and chasing kayaking competitions with his father, Eric Jackson, an Olympic paddler and founder of the popular paddling company Jackson Kayaks. Dane dominated nearly every junior world title early on in his career and by 2011 he'd started winning pro-level contests, including the Whitewater Grand Prix and the IFC Freestyle World Championships. Dane has been featured in Kayak Session and Rapid Magazine, launched first descents of waterfalls in Mexico, has bagged seven 100+ waterfall descents, and has racked up over 80 first-place finishes in freestyle kayaking competitions. Dane travels eight months out of the year, attending events, clinics, and living his passion from an RV by the river. As an avid videographer, photographer, and content creator, Dane documents these amazing pursuits on his Instagram and TikTok and describes in today‚Äôs episode the inside story of his amazing journey to becoming one of the most elite paddlers in the world.