Experience beautiful Little Tybee Island as you kayak through checkpoints and complete tasks with your team in an effort to be the first to reach Beach Camp! Sign-up individually and you’ll be placed on a team, or sign-up all at once as a team.

Competition Description: Two teams will be guided through a series of checkpoints leading them around Little Tybee Island which encompasses approximately 6,780 total acres of wetlands. At each checkpoint they must perform a given task before the team can continue to the next checkpoint. Teams will not be aware of any tasks prior to arriving at the checkpoints. Once a team has completed all checkpoints they can proceed to beach camp. First team to arrive to beach camp having completed each checkpoint is the winner.

Equipment Provided: Kayak, Paddle, Life Jacket, Skirt, Leash, Tent/Hammock, Food and Water

DAY 1: Everyone will meet at Alley#3 for the safety briefing, rules and gear check-out. Both teams will depart from this location at approximately 10:30AM, depending on the tide, and kayak to the first checkpoint. Teams must complete the required task, within the time limit, before moving forward to the next checkpoint. Both teams will kayak through all checkpoints before finishing the competition by arriving at beach camp. First team to arrive to beach camp wins. At this time everyone will set-up camp and enjoy the free time on the coast of Little Tybee along with dinner around the campfire that night.

DAY 2: Wake up to the sunrise on the beach and additional free time before and after breakfast. We’ll commence the kayak back to Alley#3 at approximately 12pm. We will break on the beach one time during our paddle back before arriving at Alley#3 by 4:00PM. Gear check-out and celebrate an amazing time spent.

2 day, 1 Night Kayak and Beach Camping Trip Competition

Start Date No dates scheduled
Location Tybee Island, GA
Duration ~ 30 hours
Distance 17.0 miles
Calories Burned 5737
Dog Friendly Sorry, no

Registration is disabled because there are no scheduled dates for this trip

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