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The main Greenway Trail along North Chickamauga Creek is a mixed-use trail of asphalt or crushed rock surface. The branch trails along the way include mowed grass trails and single-track dirt trails. The Small Wild Area is a sensitive preserve of plant and animal habitats and includes a population of the federally threatened wildflower Scutellaria montana, or large-flowered skullcap. The Boy Scout Trail is a steep trek up the side of Big Ridge that makes it a challenging 1.25 mile loop. BUT, Greenway has many hidden trails and awesome sights to see! I've explored much of greenway throughout my life and have come across many interesting/beautiful sights that I would love to share with you. From one outdoorsman to another, Greenway is a must if you are staying or passing through the Hixson area, and there's no better way to experience it than the exciting tour we'll be doing together!

Hiking the Greenway Trails

Start Date No dates scheduled
Distance 1.0 miles
Location Chattanooga, TN
Calories Burned 437
Duration ~ 3 hours
Dog Friendly Sorry, no

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