At ATV, we realize that building a startup is often like jumping off a cliff. So, we decided we might as well go jump off some cliffs together! Acrophobia, the fear of heights is nothing compared to cashphlophobia, the fear of negative cashflow ;) As a fellow ATV startup, we're pumped to create this free experience for everyone in the ATV community in a way that represents our main core value: 'Work hard. Play hard.'

Tucked into beautiful pockets just outside of the Perimeter are some incredibly pristine locations for an intro rappelling experience that will make you feel as if you're out in the North Georgia wilderness without ever leaving the city!

Join us and take the leap into one of our most powerful experiences that will show you just how much mindset really matters. Rappelling is quite physically easy (my grandma did it with me once, true story) but can be extremely mentally challenging. With rappelling, like all things that trigger our instinctual fear of heights, we perceive it as a particularly dangerous and daunting activity. However, in reality, rappelling is hundreds of times safer than the car you drive in on a daily basis. This allows us to experience and further understand the difference between our instinctual perceptions and the actual nature of our daily reality, along with dozens of impactful associations between the fundamentals of the sport and lessons in business and leadership.

All equipment is provided and no prior skills are required. While we'll never force you to rappel, you'll have the chance to participate in this experience as many or as few times as you'd like.

- Packing List -
1) Water (at least one liter)
2) Athletic or hiking shoes with good grip
3) Clothing appropriate for the weather / most prefer shorts, hiking pants, exercise tights, and layered clothing.
4) An excited attitude!

Let us know about any insect allergies or relevant medical conditions we should know about, please contact me at or 706-534-4216 (Matt's cell). All Vestigo guides are Wilderness First Aid certified and CPR certified. Please let us know any preexisting medical concerns by the day before.

Jump off a cliff with ATV - Roswell rappelling

Start Date No dates scheduled
Location Roswell, GA
Duration ~ 4 hours
Distance 1.0 miles
Calories Burned 320
Dog Friendly Sorry, no

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