Panther Creek is a great 7-mile round-trip hike that's one of my favorite trails in Georgia! The trail starts off pretty up and down for the first mile or so alongside the cliffs nex to a beautiful river, and the last part being intermediately challenging with a beautiful finish at a magnificent waterfall oasis.  The footing can be a bit tricky here, but I have done this trail a million times and will help guide you through this fun and gorgeous hike to the beautiful and rewarding famous Panther Creek Falls at the end of the trail. Please feel free to bring dogs that are capable and able for long hikes. But I will warn, on the last leg of the trail there is a pretty tricky rocky section, so if you are not confident in your dog's abilities and you cannot carry him/her, then I would avoid bringing the dog. I also recommend making your dog wear a harness, as it's a safer way for your furry friend to enjoy the hike. There are multiple places we can stop for a break for water or snacks. I advise you to bring plenty of water (at least 2 liters), even if you are used to longer hikes and don't usually carry it. I will have a bag with me and I don't mind carrying an extra bottle. Also, if you do bring snacks, please pick up any trash that may be left over. Like I said, I love this trail so let's keep it beautiful. So if we see some trash on the trail, let's try and pick it up. 

Panther Creek Hike

Start Date No dates scheduled
Location Clarkesville, GA
Duration ~ 4 hours
Distance 7.0 miles
Calories Burned 852
Dog Friendly Yup!

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