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Bike, hike and photograph Overnight Tour! Day 1: Meet at Caltrain SF Station at 9am; cycle along Embarcadero towards Golden Gate, Sausalito and Marin City before cutting over to Tennessee Valley/Golden Gate Park. As it is pretty close, we will have all day to stop, photograph, soak in the city environment, the Golden Gate Bridge with the vistas, and quaint Sausalito before heading into the Hills at Tennessee Valley. It is a bit of a climb, but nothing toooo crazy. We will camp at Haypress camp, make dinner, enjoy some great brews, and make some delicious smores. Then night photography can always be a thing.... unless Karl the Fog shows up... Day 2: Hike down to the Tennessee Beach/Cove; there are some trails that lead into the steep hills on either side. Along the way we will find abundant plant life in the form of sagebrush, monkey flower, sweet fennel, blackberry bushes and a whole host of grasses. There is also wildlife like deer, raptors, coyotes and possible bobcat sightings. Inside the cove itself during low tide, it is sometimes possible to see the shipwreck of SS Tennessee. Have lunch at the camp, then pack up and cycle back to San Francisco Caltrain for around 7pm. We will have some time to stop and photograph also as it is not a great distance. In short: there is plenty to photograph! And so much culture and natural history just a short jaunt outside of SF! Such a juxtaposition between the urban and landscape, which makes it quite a photographic route. I am a photographer with many years of experience. If you have any questions, or want critiques, or learn more about photography, I am happy to help! Here is my website: Along with publishing a couple of photo-documentary books, I participated in many exhibitions in California and London, England, worked as a photo vendor at art shows, and as a professional photographer. My main subject matters are landscapes, photo-documentaries, dance and anything that deals with capturing 'in the moment'.... I used to work in rental departments so am used to many different types of cameras. But!! You do not need to own a DSLR/SLR to participate. Especially as they are heavy to carry! However, for good quality night time photos, it helps. If you wish to photograph with your camera phone, that is fine too!!! This is not a course for only those with DSLR's. Just understand that there will be more limitations to what you may want to accomplish. I also have a lot of experience bike touring: I cycled across the US from Bakersfield to Savannah GA via Canada and Boston from July 2014 to May 2015 ( for more info). And then more recently did the 1 from Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo and then from San Francisco to Olema. I also have experience as a tour guide in Southern California, when I lived in the desert and at the Salton Sea. I will provide dinner and breakfast, you will bring your own snacks and water. Please bring extra water! You will receive a packing list of things to bring. But note: definitely pack for wet weather and three seasons... Do not hesitate to ask anything if you have any questions. Most of the dates will be in October sometime, but please click the "request a date and time" button to get in touch if you would like to join in or have any questions!!

San Francisco to Marin Headlands, Bike, Hike and Photography Overnight Tour!

Start Date No dates scheduled
Distance 17.0 miles
Location San Francisco, CA
Calories Burned 4821
Duration ~ 33 hours
Dog Friendly Sorry, no

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