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Urban hiking may sound strange to many but it's incredibly enjoyable to those who seek the opportunity to walk and observe. A few of my favorite walks have been from Forsyth Park to the Savannah River and back. I make a day of it many times as a local. As an observer on those same paths, we can explore the terrain and discuss our interactions with the urban landscape and nature included by conscious design. All humans connected to the urban environment are constantly exposed to a physical and sensory journey every time we walk up the street and back again. People, activity, architecture, and history are all around us. I like to focus on how nature still exists and is valued in this setting as well as how it may have felt to be alive here centuries ago. We disconnect from our urban spaces at times due to the constant activity, but we can also engage in the spaces we use and ground ourselves in each moment. Here's my ideal tour but we can modify it to your preferences: begin at Forsyth Park, get refreshments at the health market, coffee, or wine shop, stroll through the park, and continue south until we reach the river taking in the atmosphere of the city on the first mile. I like to spend limited time on River Street, but it is wonderful to observe the river and stop in the candy kitchen for a break. Trekking back up the bluff and on the mile back toward the park there are many options for routes, but my favorite is to meander back through the squares and through the park again to where we started. Feel free to stop wherever you are led to explore at any time or stay with us all the way back to home base and take it from there.

Urban Hiking Through Savannah

Start Date No dates scheduled
Distance 3.0 miles
Location Savannah, GA
Calories Burned 593
Duration ~ 2 hours
Dog Friendly Yup!

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