Yoga has changed my life is so many positive ways that I would love to help pass to you in my personal yoga training class.

My introduction to yoga came in 2009 when I went to a yoga studio because I was suffering from back pain. My discovery of yoga began with the method Sri BKS Iyengar. As it happened, in parallel with yoga, I started reading philosophy, and without realising it, found myself coaching not only the body but also the mind.

Later, I was engaged in various directions, in addition to Iyengar yoga: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Jivamukti, and, of course, Universal Yoga. I immediately loved it!

The first time I tried Universal yoga, it gave me a sense of integrity at the end of the practice: my body was fully worked out; the effect was amplified with pranayamas, resulting in deep Savana and meditation. That was awesome!

In 2013, I started teacher Training (Universal Yoga Certificate of USA National Education program standards by Yoga Alliance). After that, every year I raised my level. And life was no longer conceivable without yoga. I regularly attend training courses and seminars to deepen my knowledge. Regardless of which yoga type, the importance is what yoga gives you as a whole. For me – it is life and freedom. With yoga, I feel beauty, joy and abundant life.

What has yoga practice done for me and how has it is changed my life?
Firstly, it is body possibilities understanding, the ability to investigate myself in practice, monitor my changes and wonder how my body becomes more and more revealed with the practice, allowing me to master new asanas. It pleases me to see similar progress in my students. This means that I succeed in sharing knowledge and serving others in the best way.

In addition to my body abilities, an even more important discovery for me was that I found my inner-self, when I listen and understand my inner nature and essence, and I feel a continuous relationship between the soul and the body, external and internal.

And most importantly, thanks to yoga I have discovered a sense of inner silence in meditation, when I enter that phase of ringing emptiness and harmony without a single thought. Only a sense of the divine and the great presence, the merging of the soul with God the Creator, you are - an integral part of the whole.

With love and gratitude, I bow to all those who have taught and guided me on this continuing journey.

I would be happy to open with you new borders of yoga. I'm sure everyone will have unique discoveries! Simply request a time that works for you and I will be in touch soon!


Personal Yoga Training

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Duration ~ 1 hours
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Calories Burned 427
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