On average, outdoor outfitters keep about 80% of the revenue from every trip they run. That means only 20% gets paid to the guides who actually work the trips. Why does this happen? Because outfitters have overhead. They have to maintain those old buses that go to and from the river. They have to buy permits and insurance. They have a snack bar, a shop, a parking lot, and property taxes. They have to print flyers, and run a website. All of that costs money.

We don’t like that model, so we flipped it on its head. If you’re a Vestigo guide, you’re the boss. You set the price. You determine the itinerary. And you keep most of the trip revenue. It works because we strip out most of that unnecessary overhead. The way we see it, you only need 2 things to run successful outdoor trips: 1) a place for people to find out about your trips, and 2) a place where you can take said people on trips. We provide #1. You take care of the rest.

Yeah, you’ll still have costs if you’re going to run your own trips. But we give you the choice of how to manage them. Does your boss?