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Inspire innovation by transcending fear

Performance enhancing experiences that train your team to embrace innovation and navigate change through a mindset of courage

What we do

The innovation mindset – Leading psychological research shows that innovation is not just an attribute of the entrepreneur - it is a mindset, a way of thinking that can be practiced. We use a series of recurring, team experiences to reinforce the core elements of innovation. Our experiences challenge individuals to reframe and overcome obstacles, work together in the face of adversity, and think outside the box.

The end result? Teams and employees that are more confident, more creative, and less fearful of the unknown.

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How it works


Virtual Reality Mindset Training

Virtual Reality technology can train your team to think on their feet and adapt to new environments in incredibly fast and effective ways, pushing your team to new heights through an effective and fun experiential program. Whether your team is across an ocean or across the room, VR can unite the team like never before, all within a single shared environment.


Real-life Innovation Experiences

Incredible real-life experiences that train your team to fight complacency and navigate change, building a mindset of innovation and adaptability. Based on the neuroscience of peak performance, we utilize accessible action/adventure sports as opportunities to quickly catalyze a mindset of adaptability that can't be taught in a conference room - it must be experienced.

Performance Speakers

Gold Medalists, Record Setters, Boundary Breakers

Improvement is impossible without accepting that we can be better. From Olympic Gold Medalists to National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, we empower your employees to challenge their perceived limits with stories of perseverence and determination from the best adventurers of our time - a mindset we'll continually reinforce through every VXP we lead.

Why It Works

Cutting-edge companies build a culture of innovation and adaptability by challenging their employees, not coddling them.

👻 Adapting to the Unknown

The entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to thrive in unknown and uncertain environments, is not a skill that comes naturally to most but is a necessity for creativity and innovation. Like any muscle, repeated exposure to discomfort and challenge will condition your mind to reframe obstacles as opportunities and innovate from the unknown.

💥 Communication Under Pressure

Utilizing virtual reality and challenging adventure experiences we can simulate opportunities to practice communicating under pressure, the single most important element of efficiency and trust within teams. Teams who can calmly defuse a virtual time bomb together can build a great product or deliver great service together.

🧬 The Neuroscience of Innovation

The relationship between movement and cognition is now a well-established field of empirical research. A profusion of recent evidence in neuroscience has demonstrated that movement, including different modalities of fitness and exercise, have a significant impact on the structure and function of the brain. This influences a variety of cognitive processes, such as attention, creativity, problem-solving, perception, cognitive flexibility, and decision-making.

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