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What we do

We create and facilitate unique team adventures with a real ROI.

The goal? Create powerful team experiences that strengthen company culture, reenergize employees, and attract/retain the very best talent.

Every experience serves as an experiential analogy for a value, goal, or objective you want to instill in your team.

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How it works

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Cultivate Core Values

We’ll take the dive into your culture, values, and goals and present a plan of team experiences that best fit your vision.

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Unleash the Adventure

Empower your team to step outside their comfort zone and tackle new experiences with recurring adventures that integrate your values.

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Revolutionize your Culture

Experience-driven cultures create data-driven results.

Why It Works

Don't get stuck with standard outings that produce standard results

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Decrease employee attrition

Our clients have, on average, noticed a 53% annual decrease in employee attrition rates after 4 or more experiences with us with 96% of employees reporting that these experiences influence their decision to stay. That’s a lot of saved hiring & training dollars!

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Increase team productivity

Consistent experiences in nature have shown to decrease sick days by 28% and increase workplace fulfillment by 64%.

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Powerful relationships, powerful culture

Creating an environment of authenticity and vulnerability through shared new experiences is the single most powerful catalyst for human connection according to the research of Brené Brown and the world’s most viewed TED talk, "The Power of Vulnerability."

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