Our Mission

By fostering a culture of impactful shared experiences, we empower companies to recruit and retain remarkable talent through building a powerful team lifestyle.

Meet the team
Marshall Mosher
Co-Founder, CEO

Loves using his passion for technology and the outdoors to inspire others to unlock their full potential through a life of adventure and new experiences.

Daniel McBrayer
Co-Founder, CTO

Daniel likes dogs, mountains, sailboats, and learning how things work. He believes that technology has the power to improve access to the outdoors, and enhance our understanding of it.

Matt Nielson
Chief Experience Officer

Matt combines his passion to help people develop their best selves with a love for adventure. You’ll usually find him in the kitchen, on a mountain bike, or in a kayak.

Nicolas Kernick
Director of Strategy

Nicolas, currently an MBA candidate at Harvard, has been constantly adventuring in the outdoors since he was 2 years old, and now takes that passion to harness other people´s desires to get active!

Akash Shah
Sales Development Rep

A recent UGA graduate, Akash’s love for the outdoors stems from its ability to positively impact mental health and wellbeing. He spends his free time boxing, playing basketball, and reading up on emerging disease treatments.

Tom Carney
Experience Manager

Tom is a retired Air Force flight nurse who’s passion for adventure and energetic personality creates the life and excitement of every trip he leads! Tom is fluent in Japanese, Cave Monster, and sometimes English.

Jon Pierson
Experience Manager

Jon lives for the outdoors and is a firm believer that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. You can find him section hiking the Appalachian Trail, training his Australian Shepard at the dog park, and enjoying live music at the Georgia Theater.

Marie Joy Hunt
Experience Manager

Marie Joy "MJ" grew up in the middle of the woods on Lookout Mountain. So naturally she would grow love to trail exploration and anything outdoors. Through her experiences she has learned how, by stepping out and doing something she never thought she could do, she could learn a new part of herself.

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The Vestigo Story

Vestigo started in the Spring of 2015, while the founders, Marshall Mosher and Daniel McBrayer, were still in school at the University of Georgia. Marshall and Daniel dreamed about having a place online to find everything you could want to do outside, complete with someone to guide you in that activity. So they decided to build it.

They were in the first graduating class of the UGA accelerator program. During the summer of 2015, while Daniel built the beta version of the site, Marshall attended Singularity University in Silicon Valley. The beta launched in September of 2015.

In the Spring of 2017, we began to realize the power of using shared outdoor experiences not only for personal growth but to solidify common team goals and values. Since then, we’ve shifted our focus towards creating powerful team experiences that serve as an experiential analogy for a value, goal, or objective you want to instill in your team. With this new focus, we’re one of the only companies to truly perfect the balance of outdoor adventure and genuine team development in a way that truly emphasizes the values that make your company special.

Our core values:

The outdoors are for everyone
Everyone can find fulfillment and rejuvenation through nature.
Never stop exploring
We believe in trying new things and not settling for the status quo.
Take care of what you have
We love the outdoors and believe that all people have a responsibility to take care of it.
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