Our Mission

We empower companies to build and maintain a powerful team mindset of innovation and adaptability

Meet our team
Marshall Mosher
Co-Founder, CEO

Loves using his passion for technology and the outdoors to inspire others to unlock their full potential through a life of adventure and new experiences.

Daniel McBrayer
Co-Founder, CTO

Daniel likes dogs, mountains, sailboats, and learning how things work. He believes that technology has the power to improve access to the outdoors, and enhance our understanding of it.

Matt Nielson
Chief Experience Officer

Matt combines his passion to help people develop their best selves with a love for adventure and tech. You’ll usually find him discussing personality assessments with anyone that will listen, cooking, running, kayaking or mountain biking.

Akash Shah
Vice President of Sales

Akash’s love for people, tech, and the outdoors stems from the environment to positively impact mental health and wellbeing. He spends his free time boxing, playing basketball, and reading up on emerging disease treatments.

Dr. Krysia Waldron
Technical Advisor and Program Facilitator

Krysia is a gifted consultant who uses social-organizational psychology to help executives and teams navigate the complex dynamics of modern work and perform at their best.

Dr. Michael Mannino
Technical Advisor and Partner

A transhumanist, Michael has his PhD in neuroscience, and is a philosophy professor, and movement addict.  He loves hand-balancing, trying to understand the relationship between the mind and brain, and exercise and movement. Once a space scientist, he still watches Star Trek every night. 

Dr. Margee Kerr
Technical Advisor and Partner

Dr. Margee Kerr is a sociologist and author. With a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh, she teaches and conducts research on fear. She is the author of SCREAM: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, among other places.

Sarah Bristow
Program Facilitator

Sarah believes in leading individuals and teams to develop a strong foundation for professional and personal growth. She specializes in Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation as a way of life. A Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Sarah’s creative approach emphasizes whole body wellness.

Harrison Freemyer
Program Facilitator

Harrison is a born entrepreneur and creative facilitator. He created a successful lifestyle business while in college graduating from UGA with a degree in marketing. He knows people, he knows business, and he knows how to get things done.

Preston Oakes
Technical Advisor and Program Facilitator

Preston squeezes all the juice out of life with climbing, bouldering, and whitewater kayaking in the midst of nursing school at Emory University. He serves as a solid technical advisor for us in our kayaking and climbing programs.

Andrew Brantley
Program Facilitator

A true renaissance man: lead singer and guitarist for The Orange Constant, whitewater kayaker, tennis pro, and horticulturist all wrapped into a genuine, thoughtful, creative persona. Andrew is a true entrepreneur and sees intersection and innovation in the obscure places. He leads in various roles for Vestigo.

Maddie Peek
Program Facilitator

Maddie, a Young Harris grad in Outdoor Leadership, is completing her masters at the University of Georgia. Her strong experience includes work with the Experiential Leadership Institute, backpacking, kayaking, and climbing. She loves to see people develop into their best selves. Maddie is certified as a WFR.

AJ Brownson
Program Facilitator

Andrew’s love for nature and people helps him lead others to find their inner-adventure. You’ll find him skydiving, rock climbing, kayaking or mountain biking any chance he gets. 

Trevor Woodward
Program Facilitator

Trevor is a skilled coach, helping people in business make changes to improve how they operate each day. He's an accountant, a listener, and a skilled facilitator for Vestigo and other companies as well.

Cody Hicks
Program Facilitator

Cody is full of life experience, natural talent in building businesses and growing people and we are privileged to have him as an advisor, facilitator, and leader at Vestigo. He loves mountain biking, running, his family and adventure.

Tom Carney
Program Facilitator

Tom is a retired Air Force flight nurse who’s passion for adventure and energetic personality creates the life and excitement of every trip he leads! Tom is fluent in Japanese, Cave Monster, and sometimes English.

Kristianna George
Program Facilitator

Kristianna is an Emory-certified health and wellness coach that empowers people to create healthier lifestyles. She loves exploring the Blue Ridge mountains or sipping tea at a local coffee shop.

Jon Pierson
Program Facilitator

Jon lives for the outdoors and is a firm believer that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. You can find him section hiking the Appalachian Trail, training his Australian Shepard at the dog park, and enjoying live music at the Georgia Theater.

Marie Joy Hunt
Program Facilitator

Marie Joy "MJ" grew up in the middle of the woods on Lookout Mountain. So naturally she would grow love to trail exploration and anything outdoors. Through her experiences she has learned how, by stepping out and doing something she never thought she could do, she could learn a new part of herself.

Nicolas Kernick
Director of Strategy

Nicolas, a Harvard Grad and business consultant, has been constantly adventuring in the outdoors since he was 2 years old, and now takes those lessons to business and provides Vestigo with incredible direction on strategy.

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Our core values:

Boldly Go
Boldly go toward the things that terrify you
Never stop exploring
We believe in a life long growth mindset and never settling for the status quo
Deliver Transformation
Inspire a mindset of possibility and potential in those around us
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